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About Xavier ...

Xavier considers his practice as a bridge between journalism and fine art. His work documents real life situations but rather than depicting events. Xavier searches for timeless themes, the human condition and the spirit of place through visual storytelling based on his unique personal experiences. 

His work is distilled from many different media. Xavier combines drawing, photography, film, writing, audio and found reference, and all of these disciplines are tied together through his celebrated sketchbooks. 

Xavier has been commissioned by many organizations ranging from hospitals to hotels, the police force to charities, most notably as an Official War Art of the UK Ministry of Defence. London life at night has been the subject of his work for over 10 years. And now based in Asia, Xavier is exploring new motifs and themes around history, the East and the West. 

Xavier is an active educationalist, teaching and lecturing at various schools and colleges in the UK. For the last 7 years he has been Professor of Drawing, Design and Illustration in Hong Kong . 


Xavier trained at Glasgow School of Art and The Royal College of Art in London winning prizes for his drawing and sketchbook journals.

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